In-House Technology

for Commercial and Defense Applications

Advanced RF Filtering
Both digital and digitally controlled analog filters are available, covering the range from 10 kHz to 18 GHz. Our filtering systems feature wide operational bandwidths not found in other products. For example, our HF notch filter has an operating bandwidth of over a decade and an octave!

Amplitude Compandored Single Sideband (ACSB)
Building on the early experimental systems using ACSB, we have refined this narrow bandwidth technology and brought it to a new level of performance. It now finds use in both VHF and UHF operations, and can be used in HF systems as well.

Spread Spectrum/MVSK
Radio Design Group has extensive experience in spread-spectrum systems, including direct sequence, frequency hopping and our patented MVSK system. Applications include data and voice transmission, as well as distance measurement and a variety of Part 15 applications.

Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
More than just a buzzword, DSP is fast becoming a vital part to many of the systems we design. Our focus is not only on performance, but also on power consumption and overall circuit simplicity, which are vital aspects for portable devices.

High Performance RF Switching
We have developed a wide array of RF switching technologies, ranging from high-dynamic-range commutators to high isolation RF switch matrixes. Our 12 in – 16 out non-blocking matrix, for example, operates over a range of 30 MHz to 3 GHz, and has a typical isolation of 60 dB.

High performance Antenna Commutation
An offshoot of our efforts in switching technology, our high dynamic range MF-HF commutator provides the ability to commutate at signal levels of up to +30 dBm! This exceptional performance is available in configurations of up to 10 ports, and boast video noise of better than -120 dBm.

Advanced Automated Testing
Our automated RF test systems are designed with complete system testing in mind. A high quality RF switching system, combined with state-of-the-art test equipment, provides a solid platform to ensure that the devices under test are working to specifications. Complete measurement logging, with advanced reporting software, makes our system the best choice for complex testing requirements.

Design & Engineering
for a Wireless World

The world is increasingly becoming more and more dependent on RF and wireless technology. Even so, finding qualified RF engineering help is becoming more difficult, and the equipment needed for successful development of wireless devices is beyond the budget of all but the biggest of programs.

At Radio Design Group, we combine a team of highly qualified people with the latest equipment and simulation tools that enables them to create designs that would normally be out of reach of most program managers and companies. Instead of major capital and personnel investments, many firms have used us to satisfy their needs in the area of RF and wireless design.

Contact us, and see how we can become the RF part of your design team!