RF Engineering
Experience Makes the Difference

While there is substantial art involved, the biggest factor for success in RF design is experience. Our diverse staff has experience in many wireless disciplines, including telecommunications, consumer wireless, and military systems. We've worked with a wide variety of digital and analog technologies, including cellular, paging, spread-spectrum, and narrow-band voice, as well as data communication and interference resistant technologies. Our expertise ranges from component design through system integration and architectural design, down to the antenna.

Software Development
Structured Software Design, Creative Development Process

Software design in wireless devices is frequently an afterthought. We use a structured software approach to ensure the quality of embedded and DSP code, coupled with a creative development process to ensure a high-quality customer experience. User interfaces are developed using a
story-board methodology, with extensive internal and client testing to ensure a reliable, user-friendly product.

DSP Engineering
The Right Algorithm is the Key

In digital signal processing, getting the algorithms right is vital. That is what our extensive experience in RF and analog design has instilled in us. In addition, our engineers are multi-disciplinary in their focus, so the DSP software we create for our designs is not only efficient, but provides the highest level of performance all the way to the system level.

FPGA Development
Packing a lot in a Small Space

Our complete FPGA development system allows us to create high-speed digital “circuitry-in-a-chip” to enable complex RF support functions in minimal space, with low power drains. Our engineers are skilled in a variety of chip platforms and languages, and our complete simulation and testing tools ensures quality and reliability in each part we design.

Mechanical Engineering
Innovative Packaging That Meets Tough Requirements

Getting the packaging right can be one of the toughest parts of developing a wireless product. Shielding requirements, protecting delicate RF circuits, and making the package “user friendly” can make package design a daunting task. Our staff has extensive experience in the mechanical design of wireless devices, and they are experts in design-for-manufacture, ensuring that production costs are minimized without compromising performance and quality.

Automated Testing
Ensuring Product Performance and Quality

Variability in analog circuitry, especially in wireless devices, requires a strong commitment to testing to ensure product performance and quality. At Radio Design Group, testing is not an afterthought, but starts in the design phase. Not only do we design for testability, but we follow up with complete automated test systems for use in production as well. We also provide test systems and software to our clients for on-site testing and troubleshooting, if needed.

Product Support
Ensuring Client Satisfaction

A product is only as good as the company that stands behind it. Our commitment to our clients does not stop once the product is out the door. Our engineering and technical staff is always available to support our clients. Telephone support, or extensive engineering and technician support on-site, we are dedicated to making sure you’re satisfied!

Dedication & Innovation
Our Core Values

Since its incorporation in 1992, RDGI has grown from an RF consulting company, concentrating on small commercial markets, to a major designer and provider in both commercial and defense related markets. Reflecting the caliber of our staff, RDGI has positioned itself to be a vital contributor of unique and innovative products that have advanced the state of technology for our clients. 

Quality & Reliability
Getting it Right

In-House Custom Production
Our in-house production capability allows us complete quality control in the assembly process. Rigorous standards, including facility requirements for static protection and product handling, ensure that every item we produce is of the highest quality, with long-term reliability built-in.

For work sent out of house, RDGI is highly selective, making sure that our suppliers are committed to quality, reliability and performance as much as we are. Because of our carefully cultivated long-term relationships with suppliers, we have complete confidence in their ongoing quality commitment.

Customer Service
A Word about Offshoring

In the competitive world of electronic manufacturing, there is substantial motivation to send assembly and support work offshore.  At Radio Design Group, all of our manufacturing is done either in-house, or by trusted, proven, local contract manufacturers.  Here’s why:

Quality:  When production happens in a distant location, it is difficult to maintain exacting standards for assembly and testing that RF and wireless systems require.

Security: Much of our work involves sensitive military applications, so we avoid the potential exposure to technology theft, which can damage national security.

Support: All of our products are supported by local, knowledgeable engineers who will, if necessary, go into the lab to find an answer to a tough question.

We believe that our clients deserve the benefits of local, domestic manufacturing and support, and that our country deserves the economic benefit of keeping jobs at home.